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A beautiful photo of Sedona in the style of futuristic photorealism - created by AI (DALL-E 2).
Sedona, as imagined in 'futuristic photorealism' by AI (DALL·E 2).

I launched Josta in November 2022, because I truly believe that we need more independent & knowledgeable voices to craft authentic content about all things technology —distilled and communicated in a way that's accessible and relatable to everyone.

By technologists (and AI), for you.

The world is moving faster than ever. And tech moves faster than anything. At the same time, our attention spans are shorter than ever. How can we realistically hope to find the signal through the noise? If the technologists are struggling to keep up, what does that mean for everyone else?

Josta exists to help. To dig in, synthesize, and share candid & practical views of technology, products, AI, and beyond—by building up an incredible portfolio of curated and relevant "how-tos", reviews, deep dives, explanations, news, opinions, and ideas.

In turn, I need your help to build Josta the right way. Please engage and share your thoughts, requests, ideas, questions, and feedback. Feel free to message me directly as well.

Join the Josta community.

When you sign up to Josta, you'll get access to the full archive of everything that's been published before, and everything that's still to come. Only members will be able to comment on articles and directly steer Josta.

Right now, the membership is completely free. I am committed to always keeping a free publication. Down the line, if there's appetite, I may consider creating unique content for our most engaged members, through a special membership. My philosophy is that a paid membership will help us to create even more, and drive Josta forward for everyone.

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New posts & content will be added to Josta every week. But you will only receive at most one(!) update email per month so that you can catch a condensed glimpse of what's new on Josta.

Thank you.

Just one more thing—you're probably thinking, "why is it called 'Josta' anyway? What kind of name is that?".

"Josta" is a fusion of ideas & qualities.

For one, Josta was the name of the first bottled energy drink sold in the US, made by PepsiCo. It was introduced in 1995, only to be discontinued in '99. It appealed to the youth: high-energy and rebellious. Its slogan was, "better do the good stuff now". And oh boy—Josta's core fans were passionate. Indeed, the "Save Josta" movement lives on to this day.

Energy drinks aside, the name "Josta" has notes of a Dutch (and Nordic?) heritage. She is ambitious, determined, energetic, and dependable. Analytical, yet a dreamer at the same time. Sometimes, this means she is a bit naive...but it doesn't much bother her.

What I took away from everything is that "Josta" embodies youthful passion, energy, and optimism, balanced by ample candor and resilience. I love it. It resonates with me. And I can't think of a better name for what we're building here.

- Joshua Segeren

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